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Success Stories

Imani Abu-Bakir

Imani Abu-Bakir, a 2015 graduate of Hiram High School, is currently a business technology analyst at Deloitte Consulting LLC. Imani was provided with career readiness training through CTAE and gained valuable skills that have furthered her career success. Through CTAE, she participated in work-based learning and attended events like Rising Professional, which focuses on professional development that is not taught in the classroom.

"CTAE has helped me prepare for career success by providing me the core principles of professionalism : interview readiness, resume/cover letter preparation, and the ability to navigate a working environment. CTAE helped me expand my multidisciplinary skillset and aim.”

Meagan Voutas

Meagan Voutas is a 2015 graduate of Jefferson High School and is currently working as a private in-home caregiver while pursuing a Nursing Degree (BSN) from Piedmont College. Meagan participated in two years of work-based learning at an assisted living facility and completed the Certified Nursing Assistant program at Lanier Technical College through dual-enrollment. These programs helped launch her career in the health care field, where she has used the interview and communication skills gained through CTAE to get accepted to nursing school and search for a nursing position.

"Work-based learning certainly helped me get my foot in the door with health care, which can be a competitive career. I do not think I would have been as successful in my nursing career thus far had I not participated in the program.”

Madison Barrow

Madison Barrow is a 2015 graduate of Mt. Zion High School and is employed as an Emergency Room Nurse at Tanner Medical Center. Madison took classes at the Carroll County College and Career Academy North in the health care pathway. The Tanner Connections Program allows students to complete shadowing hours at hospitals, and Madison was able to spend time in the ICU, emergency room, cardiac lab, and other areas. She obtained a BSN from Georgia Southern University and works in the same emergency room she shadowed in during high school.

"This real-life experience [provided by CTAE] in the health care field allowed me to gain so much knowledge and experience. It gave me the confidence I needed to know without a doubt that I wanted to be a nurse and that I could be one.”

Evan Magee

Evan Magee, a field coordinator at Holder Construction, graduated from Kennesaw Mountain High School in 2018. CTAE contributed to Evan’s interest in the construction industry, and through his CTAE courses, he developed characteristics needed to be a valuable employee. Evan gained first-hand experience through a work-based learning placement with Holder Construction, which allowed him to get his foot in the door and learn what it takes to be successful in construction.

"Being able to show up on time with an attitude that you are eager to learn and hungry for success is something that I learned in the CTAE program that has paid off huge for me in my career.”