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Real-World Credentials

HVAC students

In the 2018-2019 school year, CTAE students completed over 43,000 end of pathway assessments. The assessments aim to gauge the technical skills attained by students. EOPAs measure skill gains and may also result in Georgia students leaving high school with a real-world credential valued by employers. Georgia students received passing scores on 162 unique EOPAs in the 2018-2019 school year that spanned 16 career clusters.


Top 15 EOPAs by # of Students Passing, 2018-2019 School Year

End of Pathways Assessments (Vendor)

# of Students Passing EOPA

Early Childhood & Care Basic (NOCTI)
Engineering State Developed Exam (NOCTI) 3,109 
Food Safety Handler Certification (ServSafe) 2,921 
National Health Science Assessment (National Consortium for Health Science Education) 2,646 
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certified PowerPoint User 2016 (Microsoft) 2,346 
General Management (NOCTI) 1,822
Standard Marketing POS/EOP HS - 3 Credit (MBA Research) 1,635 
Culinary Arts Cook Level 2 (NOCTI) 1,628 
Criminal Justice (NOCTI) 1,332
Television Production (NOCTI) 1,256 
Certified Nursing Aide/Assistant (CNA) 1,238 
FEMA EMI “Community Preparedness” Assessment (Federal Emergency Management Agency) 1,115 
Agricultural Science I (Precision Exams) 1,105 
Advertising Design Skill Connect (SkillsUSA/PrintED) 643 
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certified PowerPoint User 2013  (Microsoft) 621 
Source: Georgia Department of Education

Note: The COVID-19 pandemic impacted CTAE program delivery and data collection. Some numbers on the 2019-2020 annual report website may not fully reflect all CTAE effort due to data collection challenges.