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Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Agricultural Education is composed of three distinct, yet interrelated components: classroom and laboratory experiences, Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) programs, and the FFA organization. In the classroom, students learn concepts and theories dealing with a broad spectrum of agricultural and agribusiness topics. The classroom is followed by the laboratory mode of instruction, where concepts and theories are carried through to their application. Here, the students are taught “hands-on" skills that ensure that the skills learned are practical and usable. Both classroom and laboratory instruction are put to use in the SAE component of the program. In this approach, students work and learn in a real-life situation where they obtain on-the-job skills. SAE programs can vary from the traditional home projects to entrepreneurship or cooperative work experience in production or agribusiness.The third component, the FFA organization, provides an avenue for developing leadership skills. As an integral, intracurricular component of the agricultural education program, the FFA has numerous systems to deliver instruction in leadership. In addition, FFA provides incentives for improved student performance through its awards program.

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2021 - 2022 Cluster Enrollment Data

High School Programs

Female 16,572



Total Enrollment




Middle School Programs

Female 25,165



Total Enrollment



*A teacher may teach in more than one career cluster.

The Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Cluster includes the following pathways:

  • Agribusiness Systems Pathway
  • Agricultural Mechanics and Electrical Systems Pathway
  • Agricultural Mechanics Systems Pathway
  • Agriculture Mechanics Metal Fabrication Pathway
  • Agriculture Energy Systems Pathway
  • Agriculture Leadership in Animal Production Pathway
  • Agriculture Leadership in Aquaculture Pathway
  • Agriculture Leadership in Food Product Processing Pathway
  • Agriculture Leadership in Forestry Pathway
  • Agriculture Leadership in Horticulture Pathway
  • Agriculture Leadership in Plant Science Pathway
  • Agriscience Systems Pathway
  • Animal / Mechanical Systems Pathway
  • Animal Production and Processing Pathway
  • Companion Animal Systems Pathway
  • Environmental Agriculture Systems Pathway
  • Equine Science Pathway



  • Food Animal Systems Pathway
  • Food Products and Processing Systems Pathway
  • Forest / Natural Resources Management Pathway
  • Forest Management Systems Pathway
  • Forest Mechanical Systems Pathway
  • Forest/Renewable Energy Pathway
  • Forestry / Wildlife Systems Pathway
  • Forestry and Animal Science Pathway
  • Horticulture and Animal Science Pathway
  • Horticulture and Forest Science Pathway
  • Horticulture Mechanical Systems Pathway
  • Landscape Management Systems Pathway
  • Plant and Floral Design Systems Pathway
  • Plant and Floriculture Systems Pathway
  • Plant and Landscape Systems Pathway
  • Plant Mechanical Systems Pathway
  • Veterinary Science Pathway
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